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Friday, 18 January 2019

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The most popular blonde hair colors of this year

It may be time to experiment with different colors of blonde hair to determine which one is best for you. Is it really true that blondes have more fun? Well, it does not hurt to know it. Nowadays, women tend to change hairstyles and colors frequently, which is considered trendy and quite acceptable.

Platinum blonde

If you opt for the "blonde bombshell" look, the platinum blonde is your best choice. The lightest blonde shade is best for those who have light to medium skin but can perfectly complement the eye color.

Blonde in butter

This shade is a gorgeous warm tone with sweet touches of honey yellow. This shiny and sunny blonde is particularly suitable for pearly hues and can flatter the color of the eyes.

Golden Blonde

This multidimensional blend of gold, butter and honey is particularly suitable for light eyes such as hazel or sky blue. In addition, it complements those with a clear complexion and blends well with sweeping tones.

Cherry blonde

This color of fuchsia-colored berries is perfect for dark eyes and skin. To do this, start by dyeing the hair blond, then add a cherry on top.

Blonde Caramel

This shade looks like a dark iridescent blonde or a light golden brown and is suitable for any complexion. If you want this beautiful shade of blonde to look natural, use light reflections near your face and a golden blonde base in the middle of your hair.

Blonde with chocolate

This fun shade is a darker shade of caramel blonde that is best suited to dark hair and eyes. Be careful not to mix this shade with orange or platinum tones as it will look unnatural. However, it looks gorgeous with soft golden highlights.

Sandy Blonde

This shade is subtle and warm and is particularly suitable for fair skin and light eyes. Start with a dark blond base and add a cold beige sweep on the ends at mid-length.

Dirty blonde

This medium shade of blonde is streaked with subtle shades of wheat or "dirtiness". This shade is perfect for those with brown or green eyes and a medium complexion.

Blonde with honey

This warm shade is best for people with medium and darker skin, yes. If you want to perfect this brilliant shade, keep your roots darker and add hints of honey.

Summer blonde

This shade of flax blonde and sumptuous is achieved with sunny reflections on a base of sand. It can be adjusted to fit any color of complexion and eye and looks great with colorful shaded tips for a slightly harder effect

Ash blonde

This darker shade of blonde is a good choice for those with darker skin and eyes. It can be softened with subtle butter reflections to match any skin tone and is recommended for hair that starts to turn gray.

Blonde Copper

This gorgeous dark golden hue has succulent amber undertones and goes well with darker eyes and a darker complexion. For those with naturally dark hair, this is the best way to go blonde without these annoying coppery tones.


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